Informations about the group sesssions

Group sessions are an efficient and inexpensive way to access energy work. I connect with the group at a given point in time and resolve the issues that resonate with the group. All you have to do is sign up and that's it! I will complete the energy healing session at an unspecified time on the scheduled day and will email the evaluation when I am finished with the energy solution. Book ONE session per person requiring the session. I need permission from the person logged in to close the session. By registering for this session you will receive a link to a disclaimer, after signing you will receive the invoice. And then it starts. Parents or guardians can register children under the age of 18 without permission, or older adults for whom you are the primary guardian. There is NO personal interaction or personal feedback here, we solve for the group. Click on the image to go to the booking page.

Herzmauer - group sessions

You already solved your heart wall? Then this group session is a good way to release the following emotions, as we live on, and always trapping emotions, this is a good way to inexpensively release your trapped emotions so that a new wall doesn't build up. This session involves all components of the heart and will also focus on releasing addictive heart energies, broken hearts, torn hearts. During this session I will remove as many layers of imbalance from your heart as your body will allow, including inherited heart wall emotions. Heart walls can have many layers, much like an onion, so repeating this session can be beneficial - I offer the group session once a month. € 20.00.

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EmotionCode/Energy - Groupsession

In this group session we release as many emotions/energies as the energy of the group allows. Whether inherited, shared, adopted emotions. Whether composites or prenatal or preconception. I look at what emotions are hiding or hiding and resolve them for the group. € 20.00.

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Pathogens - Energy of the pathogens

In this session I focus on releasing the energy of pathogens such as: mold, parasites, viruses, fungi, prions and bacteria. Even though a physical organism may not be present, the energy from it can still be very upsetting and potentially produce the same symptoms as a physical pathogen:

  • joint and muscle pain
  • fatigue
  • foggy feeling in the head
  • Sinus and breathing problems
  • eye irritation
  • skin irritation
  • Fever
  • headache

This could also be a remnant of a previous physical infection where the physical body was able to eliminate the physical organisms but the energy body was unable to process the organism's energy. Since this is just an energy, it's also possible that it was inherited.
€ 25.00

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